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FidiFloc 21

Highly efficient little grain mill and flaker
Product no.: 9057, Weight: 9700 g., In stock - Delivered free (To address in Denmark)
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1 item: 3360,00 DKK

Picture of FidiFloc 21Picture of FidiFloc 21Picture of FidiFloc 21
Picture of FidiFloc 21

Brugsvejledning (kværn)

Brugsvejledning (valse)

Little but highly efficient grain mill with flaker from KoMo.

The grain mill function is similar to that of KoMos Fidibus 21 grain mills. The grain flaker is a build in FlicFloc (See photo 2), that can be seperated from the grain mill itself and used seperately - very handy if you fancy the idea of bringing it with you on holidays.

Be aware, the mill must have space enough for the flaker handle to move freely, e.g. at the end of your kitchen worktop. Alternatively you may purcharge a practical drawer for FidiFloc - See photo 3 - Read more here.

This grain mill has a 250W motor and can process all cereals and spices, yet it is less suitable for particularly tough grains such as rice, millet, corn, chickpeas, beans and coffee. For these types we recommend a grain mill with a power of at least 360W.

The current COVID situation results in prolonged delivery time for many of KoMo's products.

Under normal conditions up to 270 people are active in KoMo's production. Of these, 70 people are associated with the production of grain mills and rollers. KoMo has taken on a social obligation, which means that about 95% of the employees are handicapped and work in protected workshops in Tyrol. Like other production companies, KoMo has been restricted to suspend production temporarily due to the COVID situation. Restrictions on industrial production have recently been eased, however, the majority of KoMo's employees are in the high-risk group for contamination, and KoMo's employees are only very limited back to work. At present, about 25% of the workforce is back in production.

At the same time, the COVID situation has significantly increased demand for KoMo's products.

The continued greatly reduced production capacity, combined with high demand, means that a long delivery time must still be expected. With the current production situation, the expected delivery time for several of the products is as far ahead as the beginning of September.

We, and not least KoMo, of course, regret the long delivery times and hope for an understanding of the situation. KoMo is doing its utmost to get back to its former production capacity and ensure that its employees return to work in line with the health authorities' guidelines.

We hope for an understanding of the situation. KoMo's products are worth waiting for.

Note: When you order a grain mill, all additional items you order with the mill will be shipped along with no extra shipping cost for shipping adresses in Denmark. We can recommend you to order whole grains with the grain mill.

Hjemmeriet can supply you with Organic whole grains from Aurion, Denmark. For more information on Aurions grain products, please visit our Grain section. We also stock quality natural salt product from Aurion - please visit the Salt section.

All KoMo grain mills are based on the same principles - a good quality wood frame (or steel), superior quality electrical motor and ceramic/corundum millstone.

What distinguishes one KoMo model from the other, is the outer finish, the size of the millstone and the engine capacity.

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        Compare with other models
Technical data for: FidiFloc 21     FidiFloc Medium Duett 100 Duett 200
Capacity - fine grinding 100 g/min     100 g/min 100 g/min 200 g/min
Capacity - flaked grains 80 g/min     80 g/min 80 g/min 80 g/min
Capacity - hopper with wheat 850 g     850 g 1200 g 1200 g
Capacity - flaker hopper 50 g     50 g 100 g 100 g
Mill stone diameter 75 mm     86 mm 86 mm 86 mm
Motor power - mill 250 W     360 W 360 W 600 W
Motor power - flaker -     - 140 W 140 W
Housing material
Wooden surfaces treated with organic vegetable oil
Hopper lids of solid beech
Beech plywood. Hopper in solid beech     Beech plywood. Hopper in solid beech Combination of solid beech and beech plywood Combination of solid beech and beech plywood
Noise level - spelt, finely ground ca. 70 dB     ca. 70 dB ca. 70 dB ca. 72 dB
Weight 8,7 kg     9,7 kg 15,5 kg 17,5 kg
Max. height of bowl at spout 12 cm     12 cm 18 cm 18 cm
Dimensions ( H - W - D ) mm 343 - 154 - 276     343 - 154 - 276 405 - 220 - 332 405 - 220 - 332
Warranty 12 years     12 years 12 years 12 years
Price 3360 DKK     3740 DKK 5160 DKK 5910 DKK

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All our grain rollers and grain mills from KoMo are testet prior to shippping. For glutenfree testing please let us know by making a note in comments when placing your order. This ensures your product has never been in contact with gluten.

Extra millstones are always glutenfree.

To read more about grain mills from KoMo - click here.


Shipment weight9700g

Shipping (Denmark): 0,00 DKK - Select country:
You may add additional 1600 g for the same shipment price. See more here.

FidiFloc 21
Highly efficient little grain mill and flaker
Product no.: 9057, Weight: 9700 g., In stock - Delivered free (To address in Denmark)
Price for
1 item: 3360,00 DKK

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