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pH-Duotest, 1 meter.

Product no.: 1352, Weight: 3 g., In stock
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Picture of pH-Duotest, 1 meter.

pH-Duotest is an easy way to test the pH value of cheeses and whey. Duotest are duo-coloured, with two complimentary indicator zones which makes it easy fro you to assess the pH-value.

This pH-strip is approximately 1 meter long and may be sub-divided into many short pieces.

To measure pH, cut off a small piece of the curd/cheese and press this onto the small piece of test paper. When the test paper is soaked, compare its color with the scale.



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pH is a measure of the concentration of free hydrogen ions (H+) in a liquid.

The pH scale runs from 0 to 14.
pH of pure water is 7.

Liquids having a higher concentration of H+ compared to pure water is an acid and has a pH below 7.
Liquids having a lower concentration of H+ compared to pure water is a base and has a pH higher than 7.

The pH may be of importance to what can or will happen to a liquid.
The pH of a liquid can be changed by adding various chemical substances which then adds or binds H+.

The pH may also change with bacterial activity in a liquid with a content of sugar, like milk or water/tea with added sugar. Here, the bacteria convert the sugar and form lactic acid which increases the concentration of H+. Thus, the pH will drop during bacterial activity.

By measuring the pH during production of, for example, cheese, yogurt, kefir and kombucha you may optimize the result.


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pH-Duotest, 1 meter.
Product no.: 1352, Weight: 3 g., In stock
Price for
1 item: 48,00 DKK

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