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About Hjemmeriet

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Who are we ?

We are a small family business located in the center of Sealand, Denmark. We have through the past many years produced cheese, yoghurt, butter, bread, beer and more for the family and friends and have through our own and friends experience realized that home production to a large extent increases the quality compared to industrialized products. We wish others to know about the possibilities with home production as this is fun, interesting and increases our quality of life.


What are we ?

We produce and marked equipment and ingrediences used in home production of a number of food categories. We have developed specialized equipment for cheese production (cheese trays and cheese moulds) suited for small scale diary production.

The home production of the different food categories is thoroughly described in documents covering detailed tecnical information as well as recipies.

Where are we ?

We are located in the center of Sealand, Denmark: Nyvangsvej 93, 4100 Ringsted. Click the link to get directions...

You are welcome to contact us using info@hjemmeriet.com, by telefone +45 23 24 48 00 or by using the Contact Us page.

 Hjemmeriet ...




That everyone will be aware of the possibilities

To spread information about the possibilities

To gain increased health and wellness in life

That we all get wiser

To provide simple information

To improve the quality of home made food

That we can serve as source of inspiration

To provide required equipment and cultures

To be self-helped

If you want to know more about us, click here...

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