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Fermenting crock pot - 5 litres

Product no.: 7022AG, Weight: 7000 g., In stock
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Note: This product is also included in the following package:
- Startersæt til fermentering - Med brun eller olivengrøn fermenteringskrukke
Picture of Fermenting crock pot - 5 litresPicture of Fermenting crock pot - 5 litres
Picture of Fermenting crock pot - 5 litres

A crock pot is useful for preparing a myriad of foods, not just fermented vegetables, fruits and juices but specialities such as olives, saltet herring, miso, shoyu and tamari.

This crock pot has a 5 litres capacity and ferments up to 3-4 kg of vegetables, fruit or juice.



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Fermenting crock pot - 5 litres 470,00 DKK
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5 litres fermentation crock-pot (olive-green) including a pair of weighing stones.

The weighting stone ensures that the product is kept submerged in the brine.

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The lid fits in to a flange at the top and by filling the flange with water it helps to form an airtight seal that prevents oxygen from entering the pot whilst allowing excess CO2 and air to escape. During fermentation CO2 is generated and since it is heavier than oxygen it will graduallly press out excess air and serve as an anaerobic barrier that protects against the growth of harmful yeasts, molds and undesireable bacteria.

Lactic acid bacteriea are naturally occuring everywhere - even on fruits and vegetables - and are significant by their ability to thrive in anaerobic environments. In the nature of their presence they help protect against contamination by coverting sugars in to lactic acid and in doing so, they establish an overall acidity that prevents undesireable bacteria to thrive with in the brine.

Klar til mælkesyregæring ...

The crock pot comes with a pair of weighing stones to weigh down the vegetables and keep them safe and anerobic, under the brine. 


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Other useful tools

In addtion to being cheap and delicious, fermented foods:

- restore the natural balance of your gut flora
- stabilize gastric activity
- facilitate nutrient absorption
- contribute to intestinal health
- are preserved with no loss of nutritional value
- stimulate the immune system

Unfortunately, most store-bought, industrially made fermented foods are pasteurized, a process during which all microflora - which is at the very cone of the health benefits outlined above, and thrives in foods fermented according to tradition - is destroyed.
By making fermented foods yourself, you do not need to pasteurize the products and you will obtain the full list of health benefits.

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Diameter (outer)27cm
Shipment weight7000g

Shipping (Dänemark): 49,00 DKK - Select country:
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Fermenting crock pot - 5 litres
Product no.: 7022AG, Weight: 7000 g., In stock
Price for
1 item: 470,00 DKK
2 items: 890,00 DKK

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