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Square mould - Medium - 8,2 cm x 12,3 cm

Product no.: 1232, Weight: 103 g., Temporarily out of stock
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1 item: 56,00 DKK
Instruction: Tåler opvaskemaskine og skoldning.

Picture of Square mould - Medium - 8,2 cm x 12,3 cm


Medium cheese mould, made up from 2 small and 2 large sides. The sides have little holes that allows whey to drain of easily.

Used in combination with cheese trays and cheese mats when draining off whey from curd.

Made from food-grade plastic. Dishwasher and scalding safe.



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Square mould - Medium - 8,2 cm x 12,3 cm 56,00 DKK
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1 medium chese mould, made up from 2 small sides (8,2 cm x 10,3 cm) and 2 large sides (12,3 cm x 10,3 cm)


Squared cheese moulds are made from a combination of our two standard sized sides:

  • Small: 8,2 cm x 10,3 cm.
  • Large: 12,3 cm x 12,3 cm.

By assembling these in different combinations, you can create many different mould sizes or shapes, small, medium or larger ones.

Below are some examples.


  • Small, with 3 small sides (Volume 0,3 liter)
  • Medium, with 3 sides - 2 large and 1 small side (Volume 0,5 liter)
  • Large, with 3 large sides (Volume 0,65 liter)


  • Small with small 4 sides (Volume 0,65 liter)
  • Medium with 4 sides - 2 large sides and 2 small sides (Volume 1 liter )
  • Large with 4 large sides (Volume 1,5 liter )

Other geometries - 5 or more sides can be joined to form other shapes

Quantities of either 4 large moulds, 6 medium or 9 small ones, will fit into the standard sized cheese tray.

Be aware, however, that if you fill up the cheese tray with moulds, then there will be no room for drained off whey in the tray.


Cheese moulds used for cheese production will in addition to the visual character, also influence the ripening/maturations of the cheese flavor and texture.

For cheeses like feta, which does not require ripening, the physical shape of the cheese is not relevant. A Feta cheese made in round, square, large or small moulds will tastes just the same.

When it comes to cheeses which are to be matured, the size of the mould influences the development of cheese flavor and texture.

For white moulded cheeses, the thickness of the individual cheeses is of importance. The thicker the cheese the longer it takes for the maturing process to reach to the core of the cheese. And the longer time a white mold cheese matures, the stronger the flavor.

With blue moulded cheese the maturation occurs from the outside as well as from the inside of the cheese, and the cheese thickness is not as significant as for white moulded cheese.

Brie is typically made in a mould which gives the cheese a thickness of 2-3 cm. This provides a quick maturation to the core and the cheese will be mild in taste.

Camembert is typically made in moulds which gives a thickness of 3-5 cm. This means that this cheese need more time for maturing all the way to the core, which gives a stronger taste.

Blue moulded cheeses are often made with a thickness of 4-6 cm.

For moulded cheeses you can assume that the curd will shrink to about 1/3 of the volume at the time the curd was filled into the moulds.

If you want to make a brie with a thickness of 3 cm you must fill the cheese mold with 9 cm curd.
If you want to make a camembert or gorgonzola with a thickness of 4 cm you must fill the cheese mold with 12 cm curd.

Note that the is only rules of thumb - the resulting thickness will be greatly influenced by the recipe process before the curd is filled into moulds.

For hard cheese that matures over long time, it is important that the cheese has a certain height and volume to optimize the processes taking place inside the cheese where the water activity during the aging process plays a major role.
Hard cheese is typically produced in large moulds and it is suggested to make the cheese thickness no less than 5 cm as this gives appropriate slices of cheese even after cutting off the outer part of the cheese crust.

Have in mind though, that the physical shape of the cheese may influence the time used for brining. The bigger the cheese, the longer the time for brining.


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Instruction: Tåler opvaskemaskine og skoldning.
Square mould - Medium - 8,2 cm x 12,3 cm
Product no.: 1232, Weight: 103 g., Temporarily out of stock
Price for
1 item: 56,00 DKK

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