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Cheese tray

Product no.: 1100, Weight: 350 g., In stock
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1 item: 72,00 DKK
Instruction: Dishwasher and scalding.

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- Standard cheese making kit
- Standard cheese making kit
- Beginners cheese making kit - School kit
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Cheese trays that works perfectly along with cheese mats and cheese moulds for draining whey from curd.



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Cheese tray 72,00 DKK
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Place a cheese mat in the bottom of the tray and place your moulds on top of that. Once filled with curd, also place a cheese mat on top of the moulds, and finish of by placing another cheese tray, bottoms up, on top of that.

This will form what looks like a "sandwich" that is easy to get a good grip on at each side where the handles are. Hold the trays firmly together as you gently tilt the whole thing downwards, allowing excess whey to run off through one of the corners.

Hold it firmly together whilst turning the whole thing upside down and repeat the process on the flip side. It is adviceable to perform this step over the kitchen zink to avoid any spillings onto the floor and kitchen worktop.


Made from sustainable food safe plastic (polypropylene, PP).

Dishwasher safe.


Length (outer)32cm
Width (outer)32cm
Shipment weight350g

Shipping (Dänemark): 49,00 DKK - Select country:
You may add additional 50 g for the same shipment price. See more here.

Instruction: Dishwasher and scalding.
Cheese tray
Product no.: 1100, Weight: 350 g., In stock
Price for
1 item: 72,00 DKK

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