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Product no.: Gavekort.10, Weight: 30 g., In stock
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1 item: 10,00 DKK

Picture of Gavekort

Gavekort med værdien 10 kr.
Gavekort findes også med værdi 100 kr.

Order the amount which matches the desired amount and we will send you a gift card certificate with a code that must be specified upon redemption.

Gift cards is only valid for shopping through the web-shop at Hjemmeriet.

To use the gift card, shop in the web.shop as normal by putting items into the shopping cart and go to the basket. At the bottom of the basket you must specify the code printed on the gift card certificate.

You can use multiple gift cards simultaneously.
Gift cards that are not fully utilized, will be remembered with the residual value for the next trade.

Is the value of the trade more than the total value of the gift card(s), you can pay the difference during the order process - simply continue to the payment.

NOTE: If the resulting payment amount ends on 0, you are still prompted to complete the deal (select bank transfer). This is necessary in order to correctly register the order in the system. You obviously do not make any additional payment in this case.

Gift cards which are not used fully utilized will be registered with the residual value, which can then be used at a later date. The residual value of a gift card can be inspected under "My Page" on the website where you log in with your email and password. You can only see the gift certificates on "My Page" which is activated by you and which are not fully utilized.



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Gavekort 10,00 DKK
0,00 DKK
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Shipment weight30g

Shipping (Dänemark): 49,00 DKK - Select country:
You may add additional 370 g for the same shipment price. See more here.


Product no.: Gavekort.10, Weight: 30 g., In stock
Price for
1 item: 10,00 DKK

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