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Powerful grain mill from KoMo
Product no.: KoMoMio, Weight: 7000 g., In stock
- Delivered free to post shop in Denmark
Producent: KoMo | Art.No.: 20H33R34S32G37 | EAN/GTIN: 9120043060H333R357S326G340
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KoMoMio Deal

Package deal: KoMoMio

KoMoMio Deal

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KoMoMio Deal

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Picture of KoMoMio - Yellow, White/Beige, Red, BlackPicture of KoMoMio - White/BeigePicture of KoMoMio - BlackPicture of KoMoMio - RedPicture of KoMoMio - Yellow
Picture of KoMoMio - Yellow, White/Beige, Red, Black
Yellow, White/Beige, Red, Black
Picture of KoMoMio - Turquoise Green/Aqua MarinePicture of KoMoMio - BluePicture of KoMoMio - White/Beige side viewPicture of KoMoMio - White/Beige in actionPicture of KoMoMio - Yellow, White/Beige, Red, Black


KoMoMio is an affordable and powerful grain mill from KoMo.

  • Dimensions: 16 (L) x 16 (W) x 37 (H) cm.
  • Weight: 7,1 kg.
  • Power: 360 W
  • Performance: 100 g/min
  • Hopper capacity (wheat): approx. 1200 g
  • Millstone diameter: 85 mm
  • Clearance for bowl: 16 cm
  • Comes with a 12-year factory warranty

A grain mill from KoMo is the epitome of quality. In order to achieve an affordable grain mill, without compromising on quality, a few unconventional measures have been taken.

The sides of the mill house are made of solid plywood beech wood.

Joints/corners, the lid of the hopper and the spout of the grain grinder are made of Arboblend plastic, which is a biodegradable recycled material. The grain mill funnel is made of solid beech wood. These measures provide significant production advantages and thus a reduced price.

The motor and millstones in KoMoMio are of the same make and quality as other grain mills from KoMo. The motor in the KoMoMio is the same as in the Fidibus Medium/Classic and PK1, which gives both the beginner and the experienced baker all the options for grinding even the hardest kernels into finely ground flour.

No compromize has been made on quality, performance, noise level or other conditions. The effective KoMoMio gives a boost of color in the kitchen and at the same time gives you the opportunity to bake healthy and tasty bread with freshly ground flour.

With a KoMoMio you can choose between 6 colours: white/beige, black, red, yellow, green and blue - see the pictures.

We currently have the colors Black, Green and Yellow in stock. Extended delivery time must be expected for other KoMoMio colours.

Specify the color of the grain mill in the message field when ordering. If the color is not specified, white/beige is delivered.

• Grinds 100 g of fine flour per minute, with coarser flour the performance is higher

• Grinds all types of grain (including rice, millet, maize)

• Stepless adjustment from fine to coarse flour and broken grains

• 6 colors (white/beige, black, red, yellow, turquoise green/aquamarine, blue)

• Innovative mill house made of wood and Arboblend® plastic (biodegradable recycled plastic)

This grain mill has a 250W motor and can process all cereals and spices, yet it is less suitable for particularly hard grains such as rice, millet, corn, chickpeas, beans and coffee. For these types we recommend a grain mill with a power of at least 360W. See also the comment on this further down on this page.

Hjemmeriet can supply you with Organic whole grains from Aurion, Denmark. For more information on Aurions grain products, please visit our Grain section. We also stock quality natural salt product from Aurion - please visit the Salt section.

Soft grains:

Hard grains:

- quinoa
- amaranth
- oats (rolled or milled very coarse)
- buckwheat
- spelt
- einkorn
- emmer
- (perled) barley
- rye
- wheat

- rice
- durum/kamut
- chickpeas 

Grain mills with a 250W motor are generally not suitable for the hard grains. HOWEVER, you can carefully grind the hard grains by first grinding on the extra coarse setting (so that the grains just become broken, the scale dot well beyond the scale), and then grind the broken grains once again on the normal fineness setting. However, only form a small amount of grain in this way.

Grain mills with 360W or 600W motor can grind the hard grains in one grinding, however you can achieve extra fineness by following the same procedure as described above for 250W motors.

All KoMo grain mills are based on the same principles - a good quality wood frame (or steel), superior quality electrical motor and ceramic/corundum millstone.

What distinguishes one KoMo model from the other, is the outer finish, the size of the millstone and the engine capacity.

Click here to get help for choosing your KoMo product



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KoMoMio 1960,00 DKK
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Technical data for:   KoMoMio   Fidibus 21 Magic Fidibus Classic PK1 Fidibus XL Fidibus XL Plus
Capacity - fine grinding   100 g/min   100 g/min 100 g/min 100 g/min 100 g/min 200 g/min 200 g/min
Capacity - hopper with wheat   1200 g    850 g 850 g 1000 g 1000 g 1200 g 1200 g
Mill stone diameter   85 mm    75 mm 75 mm 85 mm 85 mm 85 mm 85 mm
Motor power   360 W    250 W 250 W 360 W 360 W 600 W 600 W
Housing material
Wooden surfaces treated with organic vegetable oil
Hopper lids of solid beech, except KoMoMio (bioplastic) and KoMoMio-Eco (cork)
  Beech plywood. Hopper in solid beech   Beech plywood. Hopper in solid beech Solid beech and brushed stainless steel. Stainless steel hopper Solid beech Solid beech Solid beech Solid beech
Noise level - spelt, finely ground   ~ 70 dB    ~ 70 dB ~ 70 dB ~ 70 dB ca. 70 dB ~ 72 dB ca. 72 dB
Weight   7,1 kg    6,2 kg 6,6 kg 8,0 kg 8,0 kg 9,0 kg 12,0 kg
Max. height of bowl at spout   14 cm    12 cm 14,5 cm 13 cm 13 cm 18,5 cm 18,5 cm
Dimensions ( H - W - D ) mm   370 - 160 - 160   320 - 160 - 155 345 - 170 - 165 330 - 152 - 152 400 - 210 - 240 367 - 165 – 165 367 - 165 - 165
Warranty   12 years   12 years 12 years 12 years 12 years 12 years 12 years / 2 years
Price   1960 DKK   2310 DKK 2840 DKK 3660 DKK 3720 DKK 4130 DKK 6270 DKK

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KoMoMio 360° Hvid/Beige

KoMoMio 360° Sort

KoMoMio 360° Rød

KoMoMio 360° Gul


All our grain rollers and grain mills are testet prior to shippping. For glutenfree testing please let us know by making a note in comments when placing your order. This ensures your product has never been in contact with gluten.

Extra millstones are always glutenfree.

To read more about grain mills from KoMo - click here.


Shipment weight7000g

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Powerful grain mill from KoMo
Product no.: KoMoMio, Weight: 7000 g., In stock
- Delivered free to post shop in Denmark
Producent: KoMo | Art.No.: 20H33R34S32G37 | EAN/GTIN: 9120043060H333R357S326G340
Price for
1 item: 1960,00 DKK

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