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 Our web-shop is open at all times.

We also have a physical shop where you may visit us to see our products.

 Opening hours:


Hjemmeriet er lukket til og med 24. april.
Bestillinger som gennemføres på web-shoppen,
afsendes fra d. 25. april.
Den fysiske butik er lukket i perioden.


Ons - Lør

14 - 17

- eller efter aftale -

Mondays 16 - 17

Wednesdays 16 - 17

Saturdays 11 - 15

... or call us at ...
(+45) 23 24 48 00
to make an appointment

Do you want to see a product before you purchage, or would you like advice or be inspired - then pass by to have a talk.   
  From the shop we sell all our equipment and cuktures used for home making of cheese, yogurt, bread, beer, sauerkraut and all the other thinks we love to help you with.

You may also buy whole grains, freshly milled flour and freshly made oatmeal from our grain mill.

  You can have a taste of our home made cheese - Muta - a type of Feta. The idea is that you can make the cheese yourself - we can help you get started.

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