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We ship worldwide

You can order our products from everywhere in the world.

However, there may be differences in the rates of VAT and customs duties depending on where you live.

It is also possible for registered companies within the EU to order goods from Hjemmeriet without VAT. In this case the company must itself provide the proper import handling, the so-called Reverse Charge. If you want to order goods in this way from Hjemmeriet, please send us an email with company information, including SE no, then orders will automatically be completed without VAT.

To find the shipping cost and VAT, you can always shop ahead, specify the shipping information, including your country, and observe the resulting shipping cost and VAT. If you find this acceptable, then complete the payment and we will ship right away - otherwise simply just not complete the payment.

Alternatively, at the end of the description for each product, you may find listed the shipping cost for this product. Here you may also specify the country of shipment.
For countries within EU, VAT expenses will be according to Danish rates.

See the list of EU countries



For countries NOT within EU (including Norway, Island, Faroe Island and Greenland), the rules described below will apply when ordering goods from Hjemmeriet.

Levering af varer til Norge
The following describes the general conditions which apply to ordering from countries NOT within EU.

Orders may be exempt from VAT, only if they are forwarded (shipped).  There is no exemption if you collect the goods at Hjemmeriet or if you get it sent to an address in Denmark.

Ordered items are priced without the addition of Danish VAT.

During the ordering process, the price for the selected products will be specified including VAT.

At the end of the ordering process - after the delivery address has been specified – the ordering amount will be changed to not to include the Danish VAT.

When sending the ordered goods, Hjemmeriet will include required customs documents to the shipment specifying the purchase price (without VAT) and a description of the contents (Equipment, Cultures and the like).

It will then be up to the postal service in the country of destination to conduct the further import treatment.

Import procedure will be different from country to country.

For Norway, the following applies:

The Norwegian postal will charge a merverdiavgift of 25% and a custom tariff of 10% and an indfortoldningsgebyr.

We welcome information on VAT matters not listed here, so we can thereby provide useful information to other people.

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