Cream Cheese

Traditionally cream cheese is made from cream only and its high fat content is the key to the delicious creamy taste.
However if you wish to make a cream cheese with reduced fat content, parts of the cream can be substituted with milk. 

This recipe has equal amounts of cream and milk but feel free to sustitute some, if not all of the milk portion, with cream. This will make a richer cream cheese with higher fat content. 

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Ingredients for approx. ½ kg cheese:

½ litres of milk
½ litres of cream
2 pinches mesophillic starter or ½ dl buttermilk or soured milk
1 ml rennet
½-1 tsp salt
Seasonings of your choice.

Required tools:

Pot with lid
Cheese cloth

Helpfull tools (non-essential):

Food safe containers with lid
Cheese tray

  • Pour cream and milk into a pot and heat it to 25°C.

  • If you use starter culture, dissolve it in 2-3 tbsp of milk/cream or cold water and add that to the pot - Or simply add buttermilk or soured milk. Make sure to mix the culture in thoroughly.

  • Cover with a lid, wrap the pot in towels or a thick blanket, and move it to a nice warm spot in the house. Leave it there for 6 hours while the milk ferments.

  • The cream/milk has now fermented. Add rennet by first dissolving it in a small amount of cold water - add that mixture to the pot and stir carefully for ½ minute.

  • Cover the pot with lid and towels or blanket as before and move it to that same warm spot again. Leave it there for 6 hours while the milk coagulates.

  • Move the pot to the fridge for the curd to mature for another 6 hours.

  • Line a collander with cheese cloth and place it in a cheese tray, or just suspend it over a bowl to collect the whey. Get the curd into the collander and move the whole thing in to the fridge. Whilst kept chilled, the whey will now slowly drain off for the next few hours - ideally, just leave it in there over night. 

  • When strained, scrape the cheese off the cheese cloth and into a food safe container with lid. The cheese is now ready to be savoured and it stays fresh in the fridge for nearly a week.

  • Season your cream cheese with your favorite herbs and spices, if you want. There is a vast variety of flavors to choose from; salt, pepper, crushed garlic, dill, onion, powder, paprika, red peber, chives etc.