Mascarpone cheese

Mascarpone is a mild and creamy fresh cheese made from cream only - a delicious ingredient in many desserts and foods.

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Ingredients for for ½ kg cheese:

1 litres of cream
1/4 tsp tartaric acid
- or 2 tbsp. lemon juice


1 pinch of Mesophilic starter culture
   - or ½ dl buttermilk or soured milk
1-2 drops of rennet


  • Heat the cream to 85°C.

  • Dissolve tartaric acid in 2 tbsp water.

  • Add the dissolved tartaric acid to the cream and stir well.

  • Cover with a lid and refrigerate the cream for about 12 hours while the cream thickens and slowly seperates into whey and curd.

  • Pour the cream into a collander lined with cheese cloth and suspend it over a bowl or pot to collect the whey.

  • Move the curd back into the fridge to drain for another 12 hours.

  • The cheese is now ready to be savoured - or stored in a suitable container with lid.

  • Stays fresh in the fridge for nearly 2 weeks.

Tartaric acid can be substitued by a mesophilic starter culture or buttermilk and/or a few drops of rennet. Do not add the culture to the cream until after you have heatet and cooled it to temperatures below 40°C