Brown Cheese (Norwegian mysost)

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Ingredients for 250 - 500 g cheese:

5 - 10 litres of whey



Required tools:

A large pot


To accomplish great texture and taste it is important to use whey that is not too acidic, as it often can be. To avoid this, use only freshly made whey - or briefly heat it (95°C) when it is fresh - then cool and refrigerate the whey for when you want to make brown cheese. This stops the acidification process.

  • Heat the whey in a large pot. Once it begins to boil, white foam appears on the surface. This is the whey protein (albumine) seperating out. Reduce the heat a little and scoop out the white foam with a sieve spoon. Keep it for later. 
  • Keep it boiling on medium heat until the whey has reduced to only 1/3.
  • Add back the white foam and reduce the heat.
  • Continue to boil it at low heat and stir frequently to keep it from burning. Slowly it turns brownish. The higher temperature you cook it at, the more coloured it gets. The colouring happens when the protein is exposed to heat.
  • When the texture is like thin pudding - stop cooking it. Or if you like, add just a little bit of cream before you do that - this will make the cheese richer and tougher.
  • Cool the cheese and for this, there are two ways. Each serve to prevent large crystals from forming and make it gritty

Method 1: Carefully place the hot pot with the cheese in a quiet place where it can settle until completely chilled. Just be mindful, the smallest stir - cars driving past etc. is enough to set off crytalization.

Method 2: This one is more complicated and labour intensive but it is a safer way to avoid crystalization. Place the hot pot in cold water and frequently replace the water while you stir the cheese until it its completely chilled.

  • Scoop the cheese into an oiled spring form and refrigerate it for 1-2 days until it seems completely stiffened.  
  • An easy way to shape the cheese is to scoop it into a food safe plastic bag, fold the bottom corners of the bag to form a 4 squared shape. Place the plastic bag in a container that fits the shape. Do not seal the bag, allow for a little air and moisture to escape.
  • When the cheese feels firm it is ready to be savoured. 

Make a Brown Cheese spread instead if you prefer that. It is easily accomplished by adding quite a bit of cream before you take it of the heat - or by not cooking it for as long in the begininng, leaving a little more that 1/3 whey in the pot.