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Manual grain flaker
Product no.: 9062, Weight: 2300 g., In stock
- Delivered free to post shop in Denmark
Producent: KoMo | Art.No.: 1002
Price for
1 item: 1380,00 DKK

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Picture of FlocinoPicture of Flocino
Picture of Flocino

Brugsvejledning (valse)

Manual grain flaker from KoMo, flakes any type of grain (except corn) - even for seeds and herbs.

  • Dimensions: 12 (L) x 9,3 (B) x 24,5 (H) cm.
  • Weight: 1,7 kg
  • Performance: 80-100 g/min
  • Hopper capacity (oats): approx. 200 g
  • Comes with a 3-year factory warranty

An easy to work grain flaker, so easy even children can handle it.

If you need to choose between Flocino and FlicFloc we recommend you to make the choice from your personal preference as to the look of the flakers. Both flakers will perfectly suite your needs to produce fresh flaked grains.

However, certain practical issues differs, in which we think that the Flocino give a number of advances compared to the FlicFloc:

  1. The flaker can be adjusted. The distance between the rolers in the flaker can be adjusted using the regulator located on the housing of the Flocino. By adjusting the roler distance you may influence the treatment of the grains.
  2. The Flocino is mounted using 2 table mounts, giving it a very firm grip on the table.
  3. Most breakfast bowls fits nicely under the flaker housing.

Hjemmeriet can supply you with Organic whole grains from Aurion, Denmark. For more information on Aurions grain products, please visit our Grain section. We also stock quality natural salt product from Aurion - please visit the Salt section.

Soft grains:

Hard grains:

- quinoa
- amaranth
- oats (rolled or milled very coarse)
- buckwheat
- spelt
- einkorn
- emmer
- (perled) barley
- rye
- wheat

- rice
- durum/kamut
- chickpeas 

Grain mills with a 250W motor are generally not suitable for the hard grains. HOWEVER, you can carefully grind the hard grains by first grinding on the extra coarse setting (so that the grains just become broken, the scale dot well beyond the scale), and then grind the broken grains once again on the normal fineness setting. However, only form a small amount of grain in this way.

Grain mills with 360W or 600W motor can grind the hard grains in one grinding, however you can achieve extra fineness by following the same procedure as described above for 250W motors.

All KoMo grain mills are based on the same principles - a good quality wood frame (or steel), superior quality electrical motor and ceramic/corundum millstone.

What distinguishes one KoMo model from the other, is the outer finish, the size of the millstone and the engine capacity.

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Cart - This product     Qty. Per Unit Price
Flocino 1380,00 DKK
0,00 DKK
Cart - Total Inkl. moms   0,00 DKK

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Technical data for:   Flocino   FlicFloc
Kapacitet - 1 turn/sec.   80-100 g/min   80-100 g/min
Capacity - flaker hopper   200 g   100 g
Roller adjustment   Yes   No
Table mounts   2 pcs.   1 pcs.
Housing material   Housing in solid beach, white plastic and stainless steel   Housing in beach plywood and stainless steel
Height at bowl/glass   80 mm, bowl   90 mm, glass Ø75 mm
Weight   1,7 kg   1,7 kg
Dimensions ( H - W - D ) mm   245 - 93 - 120   185 - 130 - 120
Warranty   3 years   3 years
Price   1380 DKK   1610 DKK

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Flocino 360°


All our grain rollers and grain mills from KoMo are testet prior to shippping. For glutenfree testing please let us know by making a note in comments when placing your order. This ensures your product has never been in contact with gluten.

Extra millstones are always glutenfree.

To read more about grain mills from KoMo - click here.


Technical data for: Flocino
Kapacitet - 1 turn/sec. 80-100 g/min
Capacity - hopper with wheat 200 g
Housing material

White plastic, solid beech wood
and stainless steel casing

Maximum bowl height 80 mm
Weight 1,7 kg
Dimensions ( H - W - D ) mm 245 - 93 - 120
Warranty 3 years

Shipment weight2300g

Shipping (Dänemark): 0,00 DKK - Select country:

Manual grain flaker
Product no.: 9062, Weight: 2300 g., In stock
- Delivered free to post shop in Denmark
Producent: KoMo | Art.No.: 1002
Price for
1 item: 1380,00 DKK

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