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Milk Can - 10 litres

Product no.: 7115, Weight: 2600 g., In stock
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1 item: 1060,00 DKK

Picture of Milk Can - 10 litres

Milk Can with made from stainless steel, 10 litres volume capacity

A milk can may be convenient for many purposes but above all; for the easy handling of freshly milked milk needed when making home made cheeses and yogurts. The models with taps even make separating cream from raw millk a delightful and easy task. Simply leave the milk to settle in the can for a few hours, then drain off the milk by opening the tap whilst the cream that has now cream risen to the surface, will come out lastly.

Multiple sizes are available, with or without tap:

5 litres, 10 litres. 15 litres and 20 litres.

25, 30, 40 og 50 litres can be ordered but please note, we do not stock them, therefore extented delivery time must be expected.

All milk cans have a 15 cm diameter opening at the top.

The lids have a build in locking mechanism that activates and releases by moving the flexible handle - See the photoes below.

Lukkeanordning - åben


Lukkeanordning - lukket




The rubber membrane ensures a tightness, that keeps the milk safely inside

Milk cans with 5 - 15 litres capacity have an approximate 22 cm diameter.

Milk cans with 20 - 50 litres capacity have an approximate 32 cm diameter.


5 litres - approximately 22 cm.

10 litres - approximately 32cm.

15 litres - approximately 48 cm.

20 litres - approximately 37 cm.

For milk cans above 20 litres: With every 5 litres volume capacity increase, the height increases by approximately 6,5 cm.



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Milk Can - 10 litres
Product no.: 7115, Weight: 2600 g., In stock
Price for
1 item: 1060,00 DKK

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