Curd cheese

Curd Cheese has a sweet, fresh and nuttyish flavour - works deliciously with fresh or pickled fruits or a number of different seasonings.

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1 litres of milk
5 ml rennet

Required tools:

Collander or sieve
Cheese cloth

  • Heat the milk to 30°C.

  • Dissolve rennet in a little bit of cold water - add it to the milk while stirring. 

  • Cover the milk and leave it for about an hour.

  • Suspend a collander lined with cheese cloth over a bowl or tray. 

  • Cut the now gelly like curd into slices using a spoon sieve - place each slice in the collander. The cutting of the curd will cause the whey to begin to seperate out.

  • Grap hold of each corner of the cheese cloth, tie them together and hang the cloth on a hook - or similar - for 2 hours allowing whey to slowly drain off. The cheese may be ready before or later - when the texture is nice and soft it has drained long enough.

  • The cheese is ready to be savoured and stays fresh for two days in the fridge. 


Serve it with fresh or pickled fruits - or season it to taste with spices, herbs and garlic.